About Product Design Scotland

With a long tradition of innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialisation, the product design sector is one of Scotland’s key industries. Through advances in technology, designers are providing innovative products across a number of global markets, including healthcare, energy, communications and mobility. Integration of these technologies into viable, efficient and commercially attractive products is key, and the partnership between technology and product design is becoming ever more important.

Product Design Scotland, managed by Technology Scotland, the representative body for Scotland’s Enabling Technologies Sector, has been established to support the product and industrial design sector in Scotland. The network aims to be the focal point for the community, raising awareness of the critical importance of design to future growth and competitiveness and creating a thriving, collaborative network to drive innovation.

By working with companies and organisations across Scotland, we plan to support the sector through:

  • Promoting the value of strategic design to government and industry
  • Raising the profile of Scotland’s product/industrial design sector
  • Increasing visibility of those operating within relevant supply chains
  • Improving competitiveness through collaboration and knowledge exchange
  • Creating new networks to shape the future of design in Scotland